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Yeah but its such a heavily unfinished game tho lol.Still fun to play nonetheless tho no;)?

Yeah.Like I'll deposit some food or wood in a closed off castle for others to use and its gone in like the next 10 seconds.A freaking full stockpile lol

No but u can ask whatever u'd like either here or on my youtube channel(this is my youtube channel btw lol)

"the only way to fix it is if I refresh the page and lose all my progress."That's not the only way:U can also go to a corner of the map and build a wall there,and then make a gatehouse so that u can get out but they can't.Try doing that next time;)

Yeah its planned alright.So planned that it hasn't been implemented yet in the past 4 years lol,along with deer,magicians and the like

There already kinda is a peaceful mode:Its called battle royale lol.

Check out my video for more info:

Ps:The domination gamemode doesn't exist:When u click to play domination mode it brings u to a tribes mode server.Only the battle royale mode actually exists on its own without getting redirected anywhere lol(tho it says that the map shrinks over time I haven't noticed that at all lol.Seems a bit buggy XD)

Its too light(aka bright)and so would probably hurt ur eyes after a prolonged period of time playing the game lol.+I actually kinda like the look of an empty void in the game lol

Lol 2 hoeman XD

And I'm pretty sure they didn't hack the game,they just opened up the game in multiple tabs,put in the same exact text in the"play with friends area",and badda-bing,badda-boom:Suddenly a lot of blue players.Its not that uncommon actually.I've seen a green guy by the name of"MommyMilk"do that aswell.I really wish there was a report system so we could report all these idiots...Just ruining the fun for everybody man...Like honestly:Where's the fun in that?

That's a problem with ur internet/device then,not the game or its servers.I've been playing the game for 4 hours straight,and it didn't do that for me,so,yeah.That's a you problem,not the game's problem.I can easily play it all day long without it kicking me out.If I have to do sthg,I can just leave it running on my laptop,come back a few hours later,and badda-bing,badda-boom,continue where I left off(if nobody kills me that is.That's why I always make a castle somewhere in the corner with lots of minions protecting it(I use the enclosed tribe spam strategy that I myself wrote on the wiki page under the"guides"section lol.Try it out.Its pretty op.Or I guess check out my videos on this game for more details on how to do it lol.Good luck man;) )

Oh and here's the links lol: