cheat found

marviiiiiiiiiiii 5 years ago updated by Matej 4 months ago 35

hey i saw today a player who was able to spawn an infinit amounts of units and his units limit was 12  
the name of the player was tribe445885

there was 2 maxed and 1 big in the casle he wanted to destroy, and we defeatet all units he spawned, but he didint stop spawning these, this was going for like 10 minutes until we must go away because we had no wood for campfires! he spawned like 70 units, and he had always 2 at him that was not fighting. he gave the troops always an hammer or an axt!

That's called tab manipulation,where u go to a new tab,and go into that game with the play with friends text...

maybe we could stop this by using an email. you can only use one email. insert email. if they add the same one twice it will deny acess

They can still have multiple emails tho...There's really no helping it...

uhm talking about that XD


A simple fix is to just cap the amount of users allowed in any custom team.


or better: 1 IP, 1 account 

That would be amazing, but then it would be nice to have the Units tasked with defending a meddow, not to run away haha. There is no real other way to secure a castle right now, but to use two accounts. In Addition, since you can only effectively use one tribe at a time, being able to use two accounts also reqires skill. Furthermore, the recources are always split up. The problem here seems to be the numerous amounts of starter accounts, rather than maybe one second account garding the base.

I f we use IP and the server gets hacked then...

all the IP adresses will be leaked therefore its bad for us


i think smrk007 idea is very good


question is.. does the dev even hear this kind of problem. its been more than 1 month i think.. this guy keep doing this. maybe we should start tweet this problem to the dev

This has been an issue for YEARS - Rez should be more than aware of this issue but who knows if they even care. It's a free game and there's no funding. 


What do you think of making the game ither:

  • Pay to enter 
  • or Pay for skins?

How much would you pay for the game?

how dare you even to think to ask money for this garbage

Yes you should.  Same guy is on now. Using nickname Janitor.  Literally about 50 or more of same account.. not exaggerating


Best solution is remove teams at all and ban forever anyone who just once triyed to login from same IP.


Only retarded pussies play in teams.


It's like playing chess against an opponent who has 5 times more pieces on the table. If you lose, no wonder. But even if you win, you still won’t get pleasure from the game, because in this case you play against a fucking dumb vegetable.


help people have one million tribes the lime color have overtakes the server!


today the castle mode I wish they fix this


the whole map is covered with so many red dots

its really had yeh

im getting annoyed, I want to play fairly :(

Its soooo anoying when this happens. RIP

Yellow now spawned a bunch of unties and killed off green

Look what a beautiful photo of me for the instagram

A much more effective solution to this would be that you can't open the same game from the same device or it will restart every time you do like https://ixl.com/ (this is a learning app but don't import)

A much more effective solution to this would be that you can't open the same game from the same device or it will restart every time you launch it like https://ixl.com/ does (this is a learning app but it doesn't matter)

Do you guys have Discord? Alliyah#8875 

Would be so cool if the game had a discord funktion too! With like a direct communication channel to the developer.

Limit the f number of players in a team to 6, and problem solved.

Blud just witnessed armageddon LMFAO XD