cheat found

marviiiiiiiiiiii 8 months ago updated 4 weeks ago 5

hey i saw today a player who was able to spawn an infinit amounts of units and his units limit was 12  
the name of the player was tribe445885

there was 2 maxed and 1 big in the casle he wanted to destroy, and we defeatet all units he spawned, but he didint stop spawning these, this was going for like 10 minutes until we must go away because we had no wood for campfires! he spawned like 70 units, and he had always 2 at him that was not fighting. he gave the troops always an hammer or an axt!

That's called tab manipulation,where u go to a new tab,and go into that game with the play with friends text...

maybe we could stop this by using an email. you can only use one email. insert email. if they add the same one twice it will deny acess

They can still have multiple emails tho...There's really no helping it...

uhm talking about that XD