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share and store your gold


Yup it's planned


Yeah its planned alright.So planned that it hasn't been implemented yet in the past 4 years lol,along with deer,magicians and the like

maybe if there were Skins for the walls people would pay money for the game and giving the creator some motivation to make updates 

I rather like the point of 'use it or lose it' or move out of the way for someone else to get some gold. some people are really bad at sharing 

Yeah.Like I'll deposit some food or wood in a closed off castle for others to use and its gone in like the next 10 seconds.A freaking full stockpile lol

The creator of wanderers.io left wanderers a long time ago, but the good thing is that he is still putting up the server.


Yeah but its such a heavily unfinished game tho lol.Still fun to play nonetheless tho no;)?

who is the creator btw?

I wish someone could finish it