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Knights are supposed to attack first in a battle.

*Fight unshielded barbarians to level up and don't heal until lumberjack (and builder in castle mode) are dead.

@Darquies I find rogue is almost essential for a combat build, and added benefit of the coin per assassination is too hard to miss. Plus rogues aren't limited by the 1v1 restriction that knights are. Also I find that a 10% increase in blocking ability with a lvl 3 shield doesn't justify an increase in cost by 2 coins, so I just leave it at lvl 2 so I can use the extra research slot for something else.

the elf hats are even funnier when you make a fireplace since your minions like to bob their heads side to side XD

For Tribe, the default ground color should be a sandy yellow/tan as if it's a desert or savannah. Also would like if the spartan helmet plume is a different color when your tribe is red, otherwise it looks like your minions are wearing elf hats.. haha

I vote for the splashing effect to cause a knock back on enemy minions, as if they slipped on the water and fell down :D

So it's basically a perimeter fence.. LOL!

jk, good job... another top score to beat...

hmm, I didn't think of that. Maybe they are special ogres that drop less boxes? It makes sense that the higher level bosses would drop a lot of boxes, but maybe 750 pts is too early for that...

yes, and then some..

you are not the first to suggest this, and you are probably not going to be the last

well that's how strategy works, but it's usually pretty obvious how many people enemy tribes have since they spread out when you stop moving