water carrier job to complement the wells​?

TheRaffy 2 years ago updated by Dragolich 2 years ago 6

Wow, two new buildings with the last update:) very nice THANKS!!!!
How about a job of a water carrier, to complement the wells?
(btw. the wells size is toooo big)

I'd like to see units carrying heavy clay pots. That could be replenished at water sources, like picking up food (running towards it) and then emptied directly at meadows. The current solution makes watering the meadows too easy, in my opinion. Additionally I personally dislike the sucking life out of maddows mecanic by taking water from a well. I would rather love a compensation by requiring an job tech and claypot (non fighting unit).

Thanks for consideration!

This idea isn't bad, but... are there meat carriers, wood carriers or wood carriers in-game? If other resources don't need special job to carry them,  so why water must have it?

uUh excellent point! That's a hard question!

Maybe I'm missing the interaction between the player-hand and a unit,
like clicking on a mushroom will cause a unit to pics it up.

Maybe I see the well building more like a corn plant and less like a mushroom,

because the player has to invest resources in the first place.

Maybe because of units need a tool (scythe) to harvest corn, it's highly logical that gatering water from a well should also require a tool (~clay pot).

( btw.: Wells should beak down by usage in my opinion.)

But how this class will fight? Splash water on enemies? ;D

How does a new build unit fight, which didn't get a bow, axe, hammer, scythe...?
They avoid fighting and die. :)


I vote for the splashing effect to cause a knock back on enemy minions, as if they slipped on the water and fell down :D

great idea merc23. it should knock over for 1 damage. then anyone who steps in the pool of water, would be stunned, like from the shield. once used, they would need to fill another bucket of water, before they could use it again.