Pro Combat Build

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Here is a nifty build that newbies may find useful and long time players may already know. In my experience, it is far better than the "Melee fighter" build listed in the Wanderers io Wiki. I have dominated the map many times using some variation of it.

Research Requirements:

  • Helmet Lvl 3
  • Shield Lvl 2
  • Knight / Sword
  • Rogue / Dagger
  • Shock Arrow
  • Backpack

Tribe Set-up:

  • 3 Hunters
  • 2 Knights
  • 1 Rogue

Suggested Research Unlock Sequence:

  1. Rogue / Dagger (so you can start bringing in some gold)
  2. Knight / Sword
  3. Helmet Lvl 1
  4. Shield Lvl 1
  5. Helmet Lvl 2
  6. Shield Lvl 2
  7. Helmet Lvl 3
  8. Backpack
  9. Shock Arrow

Fight unshielded barbarians to level up and don't heal until lumberjack (and builder in castle mode). You can round out the game-play with a healthy knowledge of edible mushrooms.


  • Will dominate end-game, basically you'll only get defeated if you run out of resources or someone attacks you after getting weakened from a different tribe (or your reactions are just too slow in recruiting and equiping minions during a battle)
  • Plenty of resource capacity for extended battles, 40 units for each resource should allow you to take on one or more tribes fairly easily


  • Difficult to set-up in the beginning, and resource intensive later on to replenish lost minions
  • Gold may be harder to obtain in castle mode with only one rogue
  • Obviously tribe will not have the ability to build / farm in castle mode

Post your own combat build below if you want. Happy Hunting!

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i have had descent luck with 3 knights and 3 hunters.  provided you use the "workaround" of gettin the hunters shields first.

with that i go 3 shield lvl 3 hat lvl and then packpack and sword.

of course tryin to sustain this, can be perplexing. especially the wood, so i usually go 2 knights and an axeman

tried out a axeman and 2 hammerers and got ate alive by a lower team :(

*Fight unshielded barbarians to level up and don't heal until lumberjack (and builder in castle mode) are dead.

@Darquies I find rogue is almost essential for a combat build, and added benefit of the coin per assassination is too hard to miss. Plus rogues aren't limited by the 1v1 restriction that knights are. Also I find that a 10% increase in blocking ability with a lvl 3 shield doesn't justify an increase in cost by 2 coins, so I just leave it at lvl 2 so I can use the extra research slot for something else.

today i had lumberjack 3 knights and 2 archers all legioned and shielded, i was unstoppable :D


Don't use knight sword.. your minion will die very quick


The reason it seems knight/sword dies fast is that they die first. And that is actually not bad, since someone has to die first and better they die than a minion you need to get resources. 


more pro build 2 axe man 2 bowman 2 hoeman

Lol 2 hoeman XD