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I actually saw someone carrying wands with glowing blue tips so wth. I tried to get a screenshot of it but there were 1000 other units on the board from the same person. Hacking really isn't cool. If you had any skill at playing the game, wouldn't need the hacks wouldya. It's like having no social skills. 

You guys got discord? Alliyah#8875

I rather like the point of 'use it or lose it' or move out of the way for someone else to get some gold. some people are really bad at sharing 

ohhh yea I know this one, these bots run around with no minions and when they get close all of your minions just run around like chickens with their heads cut off and its impossible to gather resources  making you easy pickings. honestly, if you kill someone suffering like this there's no real skill in it. 

I Would like to see a way to choose what side you want to be on whether its brown or red  but its kind of w/e  the brown spies are everywhere and they'd just make both teams up of themselves in the end, however, I had a friend I wanted to play with and we put in the same code for 'play with friends' and ended up on different servers- multiple days, multiple tries, multiple times and we have never played together unless we just use the default and even then sometimes we still end up on seperate servers where others get to have their friends and before you know it  ur on the board 1 vs 11. 

Do you guys have Discord? Alliyah#8875 

This has been an issue for YEARS - Rez should be more than aware of this issue but who knows if they even care. It's a free game and there's no funding.