being pro player is boring. mages as a reward for prestiging (getting to lvl 10 and wilfully starting over)

Vic 3 years ago updated by Alliyah Saotome 10 months ago 3

i suggest to add mages. so far i have invented 3 kinds: shaman/fire mage, monk/healer, warlock/necromancer.

how would a prestige system work? after achieving level 10 a player could prestige to get either a blue or a red gem at the beginning of their next trial. additional gems would also be rewarded for each 300 points a player would have earned before having prestiged. to prestige, every one of their units would have to be full health.

using gems, they would be able to create the mage of their choosing. creating shaman would cost one ruby, monk - saphire, and warlock would cost one of each.

each of mages would, besides healt, have mana bar. it would have as many maximum points, as is the level of the player. mages would have 1-2 passive and 3 active abilities. a point of mana would be regenerated once every 10 seconds by default and once every 2 seconds while near the campfire.



-passive: shoots fireballs at enemies for cost of one mana with wind up time of 2 seconds. fireballs are 100% accurate and deal 2 damage with no modifiers, and if the target has a shield, each point of damage has a separate chance to be deflected by shield; for iron shield, 25% chance to receive no damage, 50% to receive 1 damage, 25% to receive 2.

-first active: can be clicked on in the HUD. costs 3 mana and increases the attack and movement speed of all your units by 50% for 10 seconds.

-second active: summons a cloud to the nearest patch of grass. costs 10 mana.

-third active: creates a circle wave of flames, which works the same as fireball, but affects all enemy units in a radius of about 2/3 of the smallest grass patch found on the map


-passive 1: while no allies nearby are below 50% of their health, shoots thunderbolts at enemies every 3 seconds (not wind-up, but recharge time. while charged, can shoot at enemy instantainously after getting close). bolts deal 1 damage, are 100% accurate and cannot be deflected by any shield. every shot costs 1 mana

-passive 2: if there are any allies at or below 50% of health, heals one ally at the lowest health every 2 seconds at cost of 1 mana.

-active 1: costs 3 mana. basic heal. heals all ally units nearby by 1 HP.

-active 2: freezes all nearby enemy units for 1 seconds or unitil damaged once. ally archers will focus the unthawed units. while frozen, the enemy melee units cannot block incoming damage.

-active 3: costs 7 mana. if the tribe is not yet full, converts any enemy unit to join the player's tribe. the converted unit retains all the items that were equipped. mages and bosses cannot be converted.


-passive: at cost of 1 mana deals 1 damage to an enemy unit and restores 1 point of it's own health. damage is unavoidable

-active 1: costs 3 mana. the next time the tribe totem is picked up, 4 members of the tribe, of which one has to be the warlock, as well as the totem, become invisible. tribe moves at a pace as if it consisted only of the members that aren't concealed. if tribe has less then 5 members and no people are visible using the ability, speed is increased tremendously. ability is turned off when the totem is laid on the ground the next time. invisible members of the tribe cannot attack enemies.

-active 2: kills any selected unit with no regard of it's health or equipment. costs 5 mana.

-active 3: costs 7 mana. revives all the dead bodies in certain range from the warlock.. the ability kills all the tribe members and revives them as undead, save the warlock. the undead retain all the items they've had, however they can no longer use tools to gather resources, their attack speed is halved, archers' aim is additionally slightly decreased and they cannot heal by campfire. however the limit to the owned undead is nonexistent, however each of the owned undead increases mana regeneration time of the warlock by 1 second while away from campfire, and by 0.2 seconds while near it, so there is a practical limit.

i also thought of enchantments, but that's whole another topic. what do you think of these ideas? 




I actually saw someone carrying wands with glowing blue tips so wth. I tried to get a screenshot of it but there were 1000 other units on the board from the same person. Hacking really isn't cool. If you had any skill at playing the game, wouldn't need the hacks wouldya. It's like having no social skills.