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use archer and dagger to create 2v1 or 3v1 situation

skill + boots will be better to balance the game. If not, pro player will abuse it to bully newbie

I think mage can have more ability other than range attack. In fact they should not have attack at all. Maybe just boosting or healing. Maybe even crafting mushroom into items. It will create richer gameplay.

There is already eclipse mode

JASON: Press enter and type your words.

Helmet in the start, shield in end game. 50% block is nothing if you only have 4 bar of HP (which virtually only add unsignificane resistance against hit). So take the legion helmet first, and then add steel shield. 

no thank you. it will ruin the gameplay

I agree, we need 20 seconds protection at least. What can you do with only 1 Lumberjack and 1 archer against maxed player?

Yeah, it's hard to count your minions and their weapon/tools. Especially rogue, they look like unequipped minion.