Which is better: Legion Helmet or Steel Shield?

Ethan (Pesticide) 5 years ago updated by DUDU 5 years ago 4

I always hit the max level and I can't choose between the Legion Helmets or the Steel Shields! I think the Legion Helmet is better, but I'm not so sure.


shield / please make topics that can help the game

his literally just asking a question whats the problem

It depends on luck. While helmet give 3 hp more, shield with 50% chance of block, can give you basically 0-infinite hp. Everything depends on your luck :3 If i must choose, i am gonna use helmet because i can have more hp without randomless. 

Helmet in the start, shield in end game. 50% block is nothing if you only have 4 bar of HP (which virtually only add unsignificane resistance against hit). So take the legion helmet first, and then add steel shield.