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Immunity for just starters so they won't get killed by pros

Jing An Tew 6 years ago updated by Owl 6 years ago 8

As a just starter, I usually get killed by people who have OP gear compared to me then I lose everything.

This is the designed struggle for the game, the game makes it so it is hard to start up but easy to plummet to your demise. 

Under review

I think with ability to team up with stronger players we kind of have this sorted out.

Sometimes, but one, you have no teammates or they are too weak to really help you, or two, you go in expecting your teammate to help, be they just run instead.

You can uh...just run...

Why did you bump this 4 weeks old post?

why did you coment 2 days comment on outdated topic instead of leaving it?

2 Days = 4 Weeks ? i Did it because he was  bumping a lot of old posts

I agree, we need 20 seconds protection at least. What can you do with only 1 Lumberjack and 1 archer against maxed player?