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Do you mean in castle mode? Please don't. It will be hard for other team to beat whoever claim the meadow at the center. It's already big too be planted. When it's not raining, it will force player to move to other meadow.

1. Wood is too scarce. It's too hard to build complete wall.

2. No benefit in destroying wall. Should give some exp and resource

3. Too much faction/color. 3 is great

4. game pace is too slow

agree. currently it's too fast. Can't build any minion other than weak worker like lumberjack

To kill lumberjack and miner: don't build knight and don't heal. They will die after a few battle.

To kill hunter and dagger. Kill your melee first. And then kill your hunter. Before your last hunter die, add a minion without adding any weapon. Hunter will die and you have freshman now. 

They only attack when the enemy have 1 HP left, another rouge, or hunter

40/40/40 resources. Not even single player dare to touch me LOL.

With big round shield, he is so hard to beat

or pressing ESC