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It depends on luck. While helmet give 3 hp more, shield with 50% chance of block, can give you basically 0-infinite hp. Everything depends on your luck :3 If i must choose, i am gonna use helmet because i can have more hp without randomless. 

This is very good and original idea. Thumb up for you :)

At this moment shops don’t have any sign on the map. But it’s true, in game should be small information about shops location on the map.

Soon in game will be new mode. More patience :]

Yeah, this is rare bug. Sometimes all your upgrades stay after respawn, and sometimes they won’t work properly.

I see you didn’t read tip about this abillity in game. This is saying „barbarians don’t attack you anymore, but you can’t collect resources in their meadows”. As you can see there is no bug, and this was intentional. Also Barbarians which join you, is not that big problem because they have not the best eq. Faster or slower you are gonna lost them.

There was earlier no limit for resources, but it give huge advantage for players which was playing long time, and it was not good.

2150+ my max. I stopped playing after this score because i didn’t had time anymore.

You must try move around this item. Sometimes for collect it, you must stay in specific place.

Maybe not sucks but sometimes it’s hard to read messages from players. Honestly i think this need improvement.