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Gamebreaking issue

Moms Spaghetti 5 years ago updated by Matej 2 years ago 20

It is far too hard for the top players in the server to die. Once an army has full sword minions with max shields and hats, it is impossible to defeat them.

The most popular io games all have mechanics that make it easy for the top players to be destroyed. Kind of like gold rushes, it makes it easy for small players to "strike it rich" and get very big, very fast. This also appeals strongly to you tubers who can make relatively interesting youtube videos. The only reason why youtube have become popular off of these circle games is because they can do "cool moves" that instantly make them big, and they make it seem like anyone can do it with some practice and effort.

Wanderers currently has NONE of this. Basically the bigger you are the stronger you are with no exceptions. Even mechar and wilds make it so that it is not TOO hard for the king to die, eventually everyone HAS to die. This is not the case for wanderers and will eventually lose a lot of players for the game.

My proposal to combat this issue would be to nerf the main source of strength for these large armies: the campfires and infinite resources. These campfires are what keeps the armies going for so long and far. Armies with better gear should not only have to pay extra for campfires, but should also have their resources depleted over time automatically, especially food. This makes it essential for every large army to have resource gathering minions, most importantly axe minions.

Although I think this proposal will help by weakening the largest players and therefore making it easy for them to die, I feel as though theres GOT to be a better way, and I can't think of any. Any proposals on how to make it easy for lower armies to kill bigger ones? Comment!

Vigilante keep off of this post with the bot message!

vigilante is playing a bot but this is a BIG problem and should be solved quickly

this is definitely an issue. It gets pretty boring once you've unlocked the steel shield and the gladiator helmet.

thats when the fun starts for me becouse i no longer need to run from peolpe cheasing you 50 km from the map XD

one way of making the army fall faster would be the inability to run away if engaged, basically cant get away if the fight has already started, or making the inposible to summon or drop anothet soldier after thw fighy its already over, maybe the camp fire takes longer to be made, maybe 

That's right. These guys are just terrorizing entire map.

Under review

Yeah I am aware of it, but not sure how to fix it. For now the smaller tribes are faster.

hopefully someone thinks of something better, this is a fix that still doesnt allow the small tribes to kill bigger ones


Multiple(2+) small tribes of same team can kill big tribes due to combo kills and combat priority orded while still able outrun it if battle goes south, its also easier to replace dead tribesmen for small cooperating tribes.

True, but what stops big tribes from cooperating? THere needs to be some tactic that allows small tribes controlled by a good player to take out big tribes controlled by a dumb player. and to even have situations in which dumb, big players exist, you also need to make the game "luck" based, like agario


Their speed stops them from cooperating, map stops them from cooperating, enemies stop them from cooperating. In most IO games you need to get stronger, you usually can't kill top player by charging at them in most these games because you lack power or advantage enemy have will require him to basically let you finish him. You are too weak? Then gather resources to grow stronger, enemy team can't cover whole map to prevent enemies growing stronger without exposing themselves to ganking by small tribes. If you are caught in scenario where enemy is stronger yet have smaller tribe then you have trick him into getting bigger and escape or, if it is not possible(because you have 6 tribesmen for example) you need to suck it up and lose one or few to escape. I bet that even vs 2 top geared but bad players I could with Egzekutor get to the top thanks to our experience and eventually exploit mistake enemy could do, at least as long as resources are not bugged so there is something to collect(And this could take even 3/4 of most important resources sometimes...). :P

What I was trying to get at was that it is simply a grind to get enough resources to challenge the top players, and then cross your fingers and hope for the best. There is no variable that YOU can control that will give you a higher chance of winning. Think of it this way: what would you do if you have 2 naked swordsmen and the enemy has 2? You just make them fight, nothing else. While in other games you can learn tricks and maneuvers, the simplicity in this game prevents the small players from being able to compete with the largest. And by the way we both talk, I may be missing something because in all honesty I see no skill in this game so far. If you can teach me something that goes against this that would be great :)

There already is:

*The communist strategy:* 2 Builders(only when building something,other times better to not have them due to less strain on resources)2 Archers 2 Lumberjacks. Research(in order from left to right as to easily orientate yourself):hammer,scythe,mycology,backpack,shock arrow,butchery,cannibalism,stay and saw.ALTERNATIVELY u could also go for the sword(or dagger,if u want a bit more gold)upgrade instead of one of the upgrades mentioned above,such as butchery or cannibalism,preferably one of these two,or scythe and mycology,giving u a chance to invest in a lv1 shield(it is preferable to not go for butchery in my opinion,as its not as useful as the other ones,but it depends on whether or not u like killing barbarians and other tribes more,or rabbits),as when u get enough gold,and if u have a food storage nearby that u've been putting all of ur spare food into,u can make even more groups this way.Otherwise,the gold is pretty much gonna go to waste every time.

*ALTERNATIVE STRATEGY/RESEARCH:* (again from left to right)hammer,sword,scythe,mycology,dagger,backpack,shock arrow,cannibalism and stay.

Why this might be better for u:2 archers,1 swordsman and 1 rogue make a killing combination,because:swordsman has the highest attack speed,while he's attacking the enemy,archers shoot at them,dealing 2 damage(1 if they have a shield),and the rogue usually deals the finishing blow,potentially saving ur swordsman from death.Also because:U only really need food to make units that can stay.How?Allow me to explain:When u only have 1 tribe member,his equipment(aside from shields and helmets)is completely free,meaning that u can just do this all the time:Make ur tribesmen stay until u have only 1 tribesman.Then,recruit another tribesman,and make the other one(with equipment)stay.Then,give the newly recruited tribesman something,like a sword,dagger,hammer,or bow,doesn't matter really(but if the enemy has a lot of castles,hammers are preferable.Otherwise,use swords combined with either hammers,bows,or both,in a balanced 3-3 or 2-2-2).U give him the equipment for free again,recruit another tribesman,make the one with the equipment stay,give the new one equipment for free,and so on,and so on.Thus,u can actually only use food as a resource only,and not any of the other resources,saving u the time and effort to search/get them.

How to get the other resources since u don't have a woodcutter nor a builder:Because of the cannibalism,shock arrow,sword and dagger upgrades,u can easily just go around the map,collecting chests,and killing and looting barbarians and weaker tribes(and stronger tribes,as long as they don't have a shield/shields).This should give u enough of the other resources to just spam troops when u're in battle,giving u an edge over the enemy.

How to make this even easier:Just follow one of the tribes u made using the stay upgrade,and help them in battle.This should make battles and looting a heck of a lot easier,simultaneously helping both u,and ur newly acquired tribe.

Strategy:Stay in meadows,kill off rabbits,barbarians and weaker enemy groups,and get chests as much as possible.After all of these are done and upgraded,get as close to 40 food and wood as possible,use stay on 3 of ur minions,and then just spam archers,lumberjacks and stay(best build for stay:3 builders and 3 archers,or 3 knights and 3 archers,since the builders won't cut down any trees,leaving them for you,and the archers for support in battle)

Pros:Extremely efficient since u can spam out 5 groups of 6 people,each with 3 builders and archers,making this a very good strategy for little cost.Very effective against weaker enemy groups.Good against a bit stronger ones.Kinda bad against strong and very strong enemy groups tho.

Cons:U will be almost completely defenseless against stronger enemy groups for the entirety of the game.But,if u can pull this off,u can have so many friendly groups that its not gonna even matter in the end,since everyone's gonna be overwhelmed by them anyways.Use with caution.

Conclusion:If u like stronger builds,do not go for this one.If u like to spam as many groups as possible in a short period of time,this is the strategy for u.

U can also go around the map killing barbarians with only 1 swordsman and 1 unequipped tribe member,since when ur swordsman dies,u can just give ur other tribe member the sword for free,recruit another tribe member for 1 food,and rinse and repeat lol.It is also a lot simpler to kill other tribes this way,since they're gonna approach u,because they think that u are weak,and then u can just spam swordsmen and rogues and trick them this way.MUAHAHAHAHA.U also don't need to heal ur tribe members,since u get more resources from them if they die anyway,than if they lived(if u only have 2 tribe members currently,one equipped with a sword killing off barbarians,and one unequipped one.Otherwise u can just use stay on them and recruit new ones,if u have the gold to spare,but not the food to heal them)

Ps:This guide was made by me lmao


Some games let smaller players stay under minimap "radar" and remain invisible there, if someone grows considerable resource advantage it could hide smaller tribes to some extent.

My proposal to combat this issue would be to nerf the main source of strength for these large armies: the campfires and infinite resources.

From now on you can only have 20 pieces of everything (40 if you invent backpack)

The most popular io games all have mechanics that make it easy for the top players to be destroyed

I am just using IO domain - I don't really follow IO games rules :) Although yes we should have something to make top players stressed about their current position.

maybe annoucing where they are, that way people can avoid or attack them if they soo choose, obviously if you work hard to get the first spot which now that i think about it for now its just 90 points with the max  of 40 on each resourses

you can get more than 1 person on top spot and now with help you can attack the person with 1th spot and succed also a 2 tribes big  fight with berks in the middle of that its surprisingly fun

Sounds good, but im still convinced that this wont be enough to satisfy youtubers and the like.

Nah. Its not possible to put such mechanics to Wanderers.io without breaking the atmosphere of building up a nice happy tribe.

I’m a bit late to this bu I propose that when you reach a 6 man army it checks your current troops and if they are all swords then you like start to lose food. Of if they are all builders in castle mode then you start to lose wood.


Whenever i play this game i end up top1, no matter how high is the score of top players or how many of them is together. Sometimes it takes longer, but i always win at some point. The only annoying thing is if two maxed players camping at house that changes wood for money, other than that i see no problem with the game.