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the current ogre, which occasionally spawns at the center of them map, is in fact a giant, taken from wilds.io. so why not double its health, and triple its size, and then let it wander around the whole map. if it was killed, a new one would appear in 2 minutes after its death.

This is not a giant taken from wilds.io, but an OGRE taken from wilds.io.

I think that boss will be too op. And if it were added, it must be retextured.

it is debatable whether it is an ogre or a giant bro. some people were calling it a giant. i personally agree with calling it a that, because it is so huge. anyhow, my real point for calling it "Giant", was the idea of making it bigger. it doesn't have a name tag reading "Ogre" in game does it, so there for, my reason for referring to it as a giant, would be irrelevant if it were added to the game. it is not too O.P, i killed the current ogre with a full crew of warriors, a total of 2 got knocked down before we won combat. that was with no upgrades. so you are already 50% stronger with the shield, making up for the giants health buff. by the time you add the spartan helmet onto that, the giant would be easy game. and why should it need to be re textured? there are so many non re textured animations taken from wilds.io, so why make an exception? assuming you down voted this thread, please re consider, and thank you or your time.

-Dragolich, WilderLord in game

It would be nice if the ogre was harder to beat. Right now it's basically just a way to get lots of exp and resources with very little risk involved. You can easily attack it without losing minions, especially if you've got allies helping.