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Despite the chat, there's not much communication in wanderers between players. We need something to increase cooperation, especially in castle mode. 

Having an emote system would work very well in wanderers.io. I'm thinking that we could have emotes for the resources as a kind of "I need ___" statement for players to use, and we could also have the basic "attack", "follow", "bue"(<--- can't forget that one), etc. An emote for campfires wouldn't hurt either.

It would also be nice if for some(or all) of the emotes had a little icon/image along with it. For an example, look at this image:

There are a couple options for the emote system:

  1. We could go with the basic wheel system like in wilds
  2. We could have a system like in starblast.io; click shift(or any other hotkey) to open a menu of emotes. In the menu, each emote is shown along with that emote's hotkey. 

For some gamemodes we could have specialized emotes, like in castle mode there could be emotes like "catapult", "wood storage", ect. so that you can coordinate what to build with your team.

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like the T on wilds, but "food,wood,gold,leave me the fk alone,its my corn,  leave me corn alone! enemy incoming,help,run!,water". something like that

I don't know about emojis for resources, it's far easier just to use the chat to say "I need food" or something, but def a happy face (to friends when finishing the castle), mad face (when somebody steals your loot), and a sad face (when you finally die).

And if we're going to add emoji's can we also change the chat system so that it is on one horizontal line instead of appearing one word at a time?

Yeah, the floaty letters that dissolve are difficult to read sometimes

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