How a 29100 castle looks like

TheRaffy 2 years ago updated by Lego Rocket Raccoon 2 years ago 5

Hey, guys,
it takes forever, but it is possible to connect all the meadows with a castle. So I somehow mastered this mode and would like to share my insights with you:

- Unfortunately not all walls are shown on the radar.
- The score of a castle does not correspond to the area within the walls.
  The number of points is determined by the number of pieces of the wall.
- There is therefore no reason to install unnecessarily large areas. The great wall of china is the best castle template in my opinion.
- We missed testing a castle in the castle.
- NPC Barbarians with hammers can get very annoying. But at some point all NPCs will stop walking.
- Diagonally building walls allows a faster progress, but indirectly also generates fewer points.
- 15 Gold for the destruction of walls is painfully much.
- Buildings and walls ontop of the meadows reduce your income because you have less space for planting.
- Finding the last holes in the wall was really tedious.
- Wall construction sites should not count as a closed wall. We kinda used arround 30% constuction sites walling at the end of the building process.
- I suppose we were very lucky and were probably at the top of a server scaling where a new server was created and the number of players is declining. Accordingly, we were able to build up the 50% of the castle without any serious enemy contact.

Credits: Castle Green Meadow 29100 points, build 2018.feb.17.

This castle was built mainly by two people. "Noobiste" a French player and "TheRaffy" from Germany. Thanks mate!

And big thanks to the dev for that awesome Game!


Good Job Guys! Well Played!

i agree with the cost of wall destruction 15 gold is much.

hei in game i always try to make a big city... but you "cheated" xD

To stop barbarians with hammers I would suggest getting the flag skill and deploying lot's of troops.