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Right now rouge is almost useless. Can we improve them with trap and mine abilty? While walking, rouge will randomly deploy trap that will drain half of enemy's minion HP when stepping on it. It will be fun and enrich the castle gameplay so the new player can kill others by creating rogue. 

i mean *rogue*

Most unit's will only fight in miny 1v1's. So for example, if 5 swords fight 5 swords, there will be 5 mini 1v1's. But rouges and archers ignore this, so you can create 1v2 or 1v3 situations. 


you wrong, archers work 1 vs 2 or 1 vs 3. but rouges don't work so much. anyway i agree with you.

I know, but nobody seems to be interested adding rogue right now

You are kidding right? Rogues are great way to make some money, especially in castle mode where there is no shop to trade logs for gold.

Nope. I can easily get 20 coins in castle mode without rogue. Beside, gold is not focus in castle mode. 

I know it's not the only way, but a great way nonetheless.

the develepoer will add mages so give him time... then we'll think about them.


It would prob take way less time to buff rouges than to add mages.