whats better scythe or hammer?

aVoidEd 7 years ago updated by yun 6 years ago 10

so... yeah thats the question 

my strat is to have 1 of axe and bow a scythe or hammer and rest swords

i assume the wilds.io rules apply here

Hammer late- and mid-game, scythe is best tool to get on your 3rd tribesman after killing 2 rabbits though.

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hammer because you can get gold, and then trade for food or wood

Hammer just lost a lot of value with recent update...

With Scythe you can get every needed resources. It's quite OP :P.

With hammer too, but you need to fight barbarians in this case.


hammer sucks nowaday because the rock never regrow anymore. So scythe is far better IMHO