Barbarians' behavior - aggresive, neutral and deffensive

Zagłoba 3 years ago updated by merc23 2 years ago 15

Are you not getting angry, when your poor, small and stupid minions are attacking someone without your agreement? Let's change it! There can be 3 types of behavior:

- deffensive - attack only when provoked, normally gathering resources.

- aggressive - normal behavior what is implemented to game yet.

- neutral - like deffensive, but no gahtering.

That will make barbarians better. And less irritating.

Imć Zagłoba

P.S. Is the game multiplayer yet or we are playing with bots?

Its multi with bots guarding some areas.

thats what I said with my god idea 

and I bumped ur idea 

but is it possible to add some way to team up with other people


The game is in beta development, please save all ideas until the game and it's glitches have been fixed.

running into enemies should be considered as a glitch

No, it's not a glitch but an automatic reaction of not perfect AI.


its more iritating than unpickable mushrooms


The way he "explains" his thinking portrays it as an idea more so than a glitch.

" Ohhh... You are really mercilles! Your words are so painful for me... 'crying' " :P

I don't understand this post, you title the idea as Barbarians' behavior but you are explaining it as if your minions auto-attacking someone is the issue. So does that mean you want three types of barbarians behaviors or three types of interaction modes for your tribe? Because the way I see it, if your tribe auto-attacks them due to proximity then the barbarian's behavior doesn't matter, they will retaliate regardless. And since barbarians are pretty peaceful already until you get too close to them, I'm not sure what this change will really accomplish.

Also if I've playing against bots the entire time, then the AI is better than I thought, because they actually talk back! :D

This post have 2 months. I've just bumbed it for fun and to see your reaction :D

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