Your comments

the bug is that the stay button does not pop up when you select it

it will appear only after something else have selected 


different map generation? 

using Perlin noise make some natural meadow with organic shapes instead of perfect circle/oval 

i think you can use the STAY upgrade to remove minion from you tribe(again you are wasting lvl )
there is bug that the button will appear  after you pick a item upgrade like sword with the wiki says is a bug

bug report(may be a feature)

those pesky barbarians sometimes follow you FOREVER for the entire map (sometimes)

all pls fix the friends system 

some times your friend  may end up in another server or map 

also if we make a seprate team pls dont put us in any exsisting team 

it may ruin the fun for some people

IDEA: add gold vault (you can store gold)

you can decide  not to add them as if dev planned that this would be unbalanced 

i am ok with that

i didn't get exactly what you meant but
i sure understand you need more good ideas
let me try my best to contribute


you can add day-night system

how ? you can make the theme (screen change tone/shades) based on in game day night time , 

daytime✴✴ = plants grow a bit faster like 10%? its just opinion

night time🌙🌙 = it makes archer loose accuracy (like 5 -20 % would be fair)unless they have a light source like campfire or torches🔥 you can place with one wood and will last for full day(in game)

with this the devs can add a good ambience (darkness with light from fires etc) WOULD GIVE THE GAME SOME LIFE which player would enjoy ❤❤❤

ok i get it

i always tought if some ping  or sync issues 

thanks for the reply

also a small feature which is easy to add is:

some times chat gets hidden under some thing 

------> make that the text is easily readable and  on top of the screen