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Can you add languages ​​to the game, even if they are from google translate so you don't check it from time to time and have a hard time translating it every time you forget it.

Can you add the solitary mode ?, where you could review the weapons without fear of being eliminated and I would like that in this mode more people can only enter only if you invite them.

Can you add moderators in guest mode ?, so that only 3 from each team can enter and not 18 (seriously, the ones that attacked me) and if they all already have 3 tribes in team mode, a maximum of 5 will open.

Can you add that you can pour water? It would be an animation of the totem pouring water up very high and your minions will tremble when I fall (it is only decorative) and I would like the water you pour to be different than that of the clouds, because yours can only make mushrooms grow while those of the clouds all like rocks, trees and grass and I would like you to be told in the initial guide that they are different and tell you that the water in the clouds is called healing water while yours is called water, and that you can see that the water in the clouds are white while yours is blue.

Can you add a subtle little board to the totem when you pack the backpack? so it makes a little more sense that the totem can add twice as much stuff with a clear backpack.

Can you add achievements for different things? as "Achievement Unlocked You have the army of steel". Which would be when you had all the armor and shields.

Can you add that the giant give you a better reward? as golden chests with three things for each thing example: now it gives you 5 chests that offer you 1 gold 1 wood 1 food, well in the future it would be: 3 gold 3 wood 3 food for each chest.

Can you make the sword and katana need one more wooden one too?

Can you make your soldiers attack weapons yellow? Because they are forged with gold and it would also give them a great color.

Can you make the women of the yellow army have whiter hair or those colors? Because he looks very ugly and with his yellow armor but I don't want it to be his yellow hair because it would be confused with the armor (if you put it symbolizing something, leave it) and the color of the blue ones can be changed to blue with some of but purple.

If you don't understand me, it's because I'm speaking in Spanish and translating into English in the google translator (only for those who have questions about why I don't write like you Zeus).

Could you make it possible to dismantle what your soldiers are bringing? (Perhaps when you take everything away, it will not give you the return and it will only be destroyed) this because sometimes we put a double tool that we did not want it to be double and only be one.

i think you can use the STAY upgrade to remove minion from you tribe(again you are wasting lvl )
there is bug that the button will appear  after you pick a item upgrade like sword with the wiki says is a bug

Could you make the flag also have the use of being able to drop guards around the area? Like the bots that can make a guard patrol the place, it would be like you would also with a maximum of three (after sending them you will no longer be able to handle them)

Could you make it so that only if you press a castle wall you repair it and see how damaged it is?

Can you make the soldiers who attack you and are not from any tribe be made of pure bone? 

To represent the soldiers who die in battle, reviving dead soldiers (everything would be the same except that the soldiers would be made of bones) and if You can make the color of their eyes random (blue, red, yellow, white, brown) representing their previous clan and have one more trait in the color of the clothes to better represent them.

Only ponles is the name of bandits and that eats from outside the island for resources assaulting any group since they do not have a leader.

Put them that they can put small tents to the bandits types of small bases so that they can join and can make an army of less than 13 guards.

You can edit or delete your messages.

This is in case you got confused when writing and please can I have possession of my previous account called Vepadaxidi please delete the account I already have copied the messages that I send from it.

It can also make the catapult launchable with a longer gaze.

This is because you only charge it and it no longer shoots alone and it will be useful for example if you want to destroy a place with archers that would be very early since the gold ball is very slow

I would like you to be able to grab water from the waterfall but the more you grab the giant of the waterfall wake up if or if you have to move away.

This is because it always makes a noise, it moves and you can't grab it.


You can add that touching a mushroom again removes the command to grab it.

This is because sometimes you get a mushroom that you didn't want and then you get poisoned.


You can put a white leader mask on all elders of a team, putting 3 lines of their color in the center, like one marked by their tribe.

This is because when you are the oldest of your clan you do not know who is the oldest of the other, this to fight leader against leader.

Well, making the island bigger is that you run out of space.

It would be all the same except that there would be 3 of the big islands in three different places and in the center of the three there is another one and there is something I don't know what but there is something

Better not because there are not many people

You can put the highest helmets and shields.

This is because it does not let you see part of the map and if they follow you on that part you do not know where you are and you have a disadvantage against your aggressor (this only happens when you have all kinds of helmets).


Archers must have the "Rabbit Tracker" upgrade.

This would be an improvement to see where the rabbits are anywhere, they would be orange symbolizing that they are not your enemies (red) nor are they your friends (green) they are the ones that do not harm you but benefit you with the archer giving you food And experience.

I will not post any more updates of "ideas" or "ideas english" (which by the way I will give the latter another name) until 10 more people post messages so that I can create a new one and accommodate everything better because I cannot edit my messages.

i didn't get exactly what you meant but
i sure understand you need more good ideas
let me try my best to contribute

can you make that :

builder will build the wireframe structure only if you click on it ?

sometimes people build random structure  which drains wood from who ever walks near them

also a small feature which is easy to add is:

some times chat gets hidden under some thing 

------> make that the text is easily readable and  on top of the screen


you can add day-night system

how ? you can make the theme (screen change tone/shades) based on in game day night time , 

daytime✴✴ = plants grow a bit faster like 10%? its just opinion

night time🌙🌙 = it makes archer loose accuracy (like 5 -20 % would be fair)unless they have a light source like campfire or torches🔥 you can place with one wood and will last for full day(in game)

with this the devs can add a good ambience (darkness with light from fires etc) WOULD GIVE THE GAME SOME LIFE which player would enjoy ❤❤❤

IDEA: add gold vault (you can store gold)

you can decide  not to add them as if dev planned that this would be unbalanced 

i am ok with that

all pls fix the friends system 

some times your friend  may end up in another server or map 

also if we make a seprate team pls dont put us in any exsisting team 

it may ruin the fun for some people

bug report(may be a feature)

those pesky barbarians sometimes follow you FOREVER for the entire map (sometimes)

different map generation? 

using Perlin noise make some natural meadow with organic shapes instead of perfect circle/oval 

I'm sorry but what I wanted to say is that since I can't edit my messages, and I have to fix them, I needed them to put more messages in wanderers not in "ideas english" so that my messages would be lost and it would not be strange to see the word "ideas" twice or on the same screen, I'm sorry I didn't answer you but I didn't expect anyone to write here yet.