Your comments

Could you make it so that only if you press a castle wall you repair it and see how damaged it is?

Could you make the flag also have the use of being able to drop guards around the area? Like the bots that can make a guard patrol the place, it would be like you would also with a maximum of three (after sending them you will no longer be able to handle them)

Could you make it possible to dismantle what your soldiers are bringing? (Perhaps when you take everything away, it will not give you the return and it will only be destroyed) this because sometimes we put a double tool that we did not want it to be double and only be one.

If you don't understand me, it's because I'm speaking in Spanish and translating into English in the google translator (only for those who have questions about why I don't write like you Zeus).

Can you make the women of the yellow army have whiter hair or those colors? Because he looks very ugly and with his yellow armor but I don't want it to be his yellow hair because it would be confused with the armor (if you put it symbolizing something, leave it) and the color of the blue ones can be changed to blue with some of but purple.

Can you make your soldiers attack weapons yellow? Because they are forged with gold and it would also give them a great color.

Can you make the sword and katana need one more wooden one too?

Can you add that the giant give you a better reward? as golden chests with three things for each thing example: now it gives you 5 chests that offer you 1 gold 1 wood 1 food, well in the future it would be: 3 gold 3 wood 3 food for each chest.

Can you add achievements for different things? as "Achievement Unlocked You have the army of steel". Which would be when you had all the armor and shields.

Can you add a subtle little board to the totem when you pack the backpack? so it makes a little more sense that the totem can add twice as much stuff with a clear backpack.