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I meant decrease it

If you want to see what a good wiki looks like go to the wiki at

Its well made, edited thoroughly by great contributors, and has SO MUCH INFO! Noone took credit for any hard info about the game but everyone was still happy. And as much as I think its a good idea for wanderers to have a wiki, the wilds wiki got stuff done much quicker :^)

You can literally get all the mushroom data in about 3 seconds ezpz on the wanderers console. The way you talk about it, im beginning to think that you went through each and every mushroom by playing the game and eating each one...

Sounds good, but im still convinced that this wont be enough to satisfy youtubers and the like.

What I was trying to get at was that it is simply a grind to get enough resources to challenge the top players, and then cross your fingers and hope for the best. There is no variable that YOU can control that will give you a higher chance of winning. Think of it this way: what would you do if you have 2 naked swordsmen and the enemy has 2? You just make them fight, nothing else. While in other games you can learn tricks and maneuvers, the simplicity in this game prevents the small players from being able to compete with the largest. And by the way we both talk, I may be missing something because in all honesty I see no skill in this game so far. If you can teach me something that goes against this that would be great :)

True, but what stops big tribes from cooperating? THere needs to be some tactic that allows small tribes controlled by a good player to take out big tribes controlled by a dumb player. and to even have situations in which dumb, big players exist, you also need to make the game "luck" based, like agario

hopefully someone thinks of something better, this is a fix that still doesnt allow the small tribes to kill bigger ones

I down voted 3 of vigilante's comments because they were neither "neutral" or "helpful". 

"The game is in beta development, please save all ideas until the game and it's glitches have been fixed." is nowhere NEAR helpful and is placed in mostly the wrong topics. its nothing better than spam, and I think its been made pretty clear that thats not what the forum users want as supposed "moderating".

If you want to be a mod that bad stop spamming and make meaningful comments

or maybe just have him or egzekutor make a 2 channel server, appoint 1 active mod and be done with it?