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This would be so helpful.

Noticed this happening yesterday as well, yet unresolved.

I have seen this happen very regularly over the past three days, so yet unresolved.

This should be posted in bugs, but yes, this happens a lot. If someone scrolls directly towards a wall fast enough to leave their minions behind, and their totem crosses the threshold of a wall before they slow down, the minions will teleport and catch up to the totem--and thereby skip the wall.

Having to deal with random ogre attacks and spawns in Castle mode would really shake things up, especially when some crews can currently dominate entire seeds for hours on end.

Got another invite link? This one expired.

More animals would definitely be great, as a tl;dr.

When you and your friends go to create your tribe, type the same keyword in the bottom text box and you will spawn in the same world together. If you end up on opposite teams, close out and start another new tribe until you end up on the desired team. :) 

This is necessary for scythe builds, as they ask for one more research than most other builds. Hammerx3/Axex1/Bowx2 build, however, I was able to max-helm, max-shield, backpack, and stay. Worked fine.

Being able to close the gates would be amazing. So many griefers just waltz in, steal resources, and then dump them with their own castles or other teams.