More animals and more food

DragonRider II 2 years ago updated by Irianrhot 2 years ago 1

I was thinking that the game could use some new animals and food sources. Here are my ideas:

Boar: 2 food, deals 1 damage

Deer (let's just assume they're male or reindeer) : 3 food, can stun with a charge, deals 3 damage, drops horns which you can sell for 1 gold

Horses: Rideable, you can go slightly faster, costs 10 gold, you take a little less damage

Wolves: You can tame for 5 food, limit to 2 at one time, when wild its damage is 3, when tamed its damage is 2

Note: All of these animals' damage can be reduced with shield

More animals would definitely be great, as a tl;dr.