Wanderers.io Verified Discord Server

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Topic of Interest: As of 12/19/2017 the game has been released in its BETA stage. While Rezoner was working on the initial development of the game, Egzekutor and I decided to work on creating a Discord for the game. We've added Rezoner to the Discord for him to connect with the games community to help him while giving the players a universal go-to location to discuss the game with others.

Verified Permanent Wanderers.io Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/5EDTgvs

I thank everyone who helped make the Discord a reality to help the game in many ways.

created nov.15...wtf


We've been working hard to make the chat a reality. Getting rezoner to join the chat, all the staff, picking two or three mods, getting the roles functioning, adding bots, and general functionality was key.

ich kann ihrem Game Wanderers.io nichts machen bin über Chrome drin. Ich hätte mich gefreut wenn das Game auch in Google Play Store gibt.