Wanderers.io Verified Discord Server

Vigilante Gaming 3 years ago updated by savage doge 3 years ago 3

Topic of Interest: As of 12/19/2017 the game has been released in its BETA stage. While Rezoner was working on the initial development of the game, Egzekutor and I decided to work on creating a Discord for the game. We've added Rezoner to the Discord for him to connect with the games community to help him while giving the players a universal go-to location to discuss the game with others.

Verified Permanent Wanderers.io Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/5EDTgvs

I thank everyone who helped make the Discord a reality to help the game in many ways.

created nov.15...wtf


We've been working hard to make the chat a reality. Getting rezoner to join the chat, all the staff, picking two or three mods, getting the roles functioning, adding bots, and general functionality was key.