Add buildings - multiplayer battles among villages

issa04 5 years ago updated by gaspard-vérin mathilde 5 years ago 3

Hi guys,

I though that it can be good if you become able to build things. So you can create a village. A build example can be towers that will defend your territory. Another way to defend your territory can be walls so enemies before attack the warriors have to break walls that can be enhanced.

It can also be nice to divide people between inhabitants (without weapons) and warriors.

A new build can be temples where inhabitans will pray to do powerful warriors.

A part of the warriors will be able to defend the territory, instead the others will go to explore or fight (before moving the totem you will have to select the warriors who will have to follow it).

In my opinion do villages can be very fun but you have to defend them with towers or walls because enemies can attack you at any time.

Thk for reading, issa04.

Yesss! Do it, Rezoner! Please!

Yeah, kinda like my idea which is posted here: 


I like this idea because it provides another goal to the game after you become the biggest and strongest team on the server.