Boss Enemies / Balancing Mechanic

merc23 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

I think it would be really cool to have to fight boss enemies when your tribe reaches certain experience points.

500 pts - A tribe of 5 fully armored barbarians

750 pts - Two Ogres

1000 pts - A Giant Snake

1500 pts - A Shade or Phantom

2000 pts - A Dragon

2500 pts - A Three Headed Super Dragon

You can hide in a castle, but the shade can pass through walls (because it's a spectre) and dragons can fly over them. They would spawn near you and keep chasing your tribe until you defeat them!

How fun would that be!! :)

I think the 500 pts boss (a tribe) is much more dangerous than the Two Ogres.

After defeating the boss, he would drop a big amount of boxes.

hmm, I didn't think of that. Maybe they are special ogres that drop less boxes? It makes sense that the higher level bosses would drop a lot of boxes, but maybe 750 pts is too early for that...