No maximum amount for your upgrades

Krutand 3 years ago updated by Hoooh 3 years ago 9

It is very annoying to only be able to get a certain amount of upgrades. It would be a great accomplishment to get all available upgrades.

Yes! I love this idea! +1

it will be unfair for new player.

But right now if a new player gets enough resources he will be able to take out a player who played for 2 hours easily.


i do not like the idea, now come now the are more ways of development and it makes the game more varied and perhaps group work.


What I like about the game right now is that you CAN'T get all the skills. It makes it harder to choose the skills I get. It also allows for specialization. I can choose to be a pure combat tribe or a farming and building tribe or some combination in between. It's like you are choosing a profession with each skill you choose to get. Rather than allowing to obtain all the skills, maybe we should just be able to improve the skills you do have (like knights get a bit faster, or you can get 3 logs from a tree instead of 2).


You would still have to think about the skills you get sense in high levels it's going to take forever to level up.


I don't know about other people, but I can level up to max pretty quickly. I usually do a combat build and fight barbarians or other tribes most of the time. The tradeoff is that I can't build castles well. I think raising the max as the OP suggests would make things more unfair for people that play longer or want to build/farm since obviously new players would start with a combat build to level up faster knowing then can just get the rest of the skills later on. Suddenly battles become a slog-fest of who can survive the longest. This is not even counting the fact that some players like to wait until the two players are done fighting then steal the loot because the surviving tribe is too weak for another battle. Also building effectively usually requires having builders/farmers on the tribe and that alone weakens the tribe against a tribe of mostly knights, rogues, and hunters.

Well, I guess theres catapults so even someone who is doing a castle build so it might kind of even out?

you can get 1normanly...2 for skill but also 4 or 6 !!! you have to unlock the skill wood before then have 3 or more axemans xD same for grass.

I like farming and give resources to fighters or for big castles. It's rare now come now because is very hard find people that write and have a mature age xD.