Grant Mitchell 3 years ago updated by fuzzy_logic 8 months ago 4

Quick note, I think bug fixing is more important right now at the time of writing this, but maybe later it might be cool.

So houses would be a building that you could make where you could keep units. They would they would then stay in the house til you tell them to come out. Minions in a house would not count toward your pop. count of 6, but you could only have 6 minions in your tribe following you. Minions in the house could also do work at your castle such as: 

-Harvest and replant crops

-Cut trees, mine rocks, ext

-Defend themselves

-Repair broken walls? 

-Build fires to heal

But for some things that cost resources is, you would get a in-game notifcation asking you if you want to spend the resources. For example:

Your workers want to repair walls on your castle. It will cost X wood to repair. Allow? [Yes] [No] 

Isn't that the same thing as defending a meadow?

When you do that don't you they count toward your pop limit?