"Stay" improvements

Nag 3 years ago updated by Brai 3 years ago 2

"Stay" skill:

How it is now:

-Minion will not move until an enemy engages him. If the enemy escapes, the minion will follow. After the battle he will not return to his origin but stay where the enemy died.

-Archer may leave the castle tower and follow the enemy as well.

-Minions steal resources.

-Sometimes they snap and attack some random player across the map for no reason.

How it should be:

-Minion will not move until an enemy engages him. He will not leave the meadow border if the enemy escapes. After the battle, he returns to his origin.

-Archer ordered to stay in a tower will remain in this tower until it's destroyed.

-Minions don't collect resources or if they do, they give it to you (or some percentage).

-Minions don't leave their assigned meadow, period.


-Adds more strategy for the end game so you aren't forced to sit and protect your castle all the time

-Allows creating more reliable areas of control for your tribe

-Encourages the risk of expanding your power by making your main army weaker for a while

Great idea! That will be a great addition to the game. +1

well as long as you dontt have 6 minnions