bows are bad

yoyo 3 years ago updated by DUDU 3 years ago 4

they are bad at gathering food if you have the mushroop upgrade and at combat they aren't usefull more then normal tool. i know that with the new update bows are not that bad with the towers but i am steal useing only one bowman. pls buff bows or add new kind of bows (maybe crossbow).

if i could i would kill my archer but hes a runner just like in wilds

Most units will only fight in mini 1v1's so if 5 swords are fighting 5 swords, it will be 5 1v1's. But archers and rouges ignore this, so you can create 1v2 or 1v3 situations.

Bows are not bad, if you have 6 bows and shock arrow upgrade, you can one-hit kill almost everyone, who haven't got shield.

research shockarrow. They will be way mooore better.