Let's discuss about a new update

Zagłoba 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 4

I think it's good to discuss about the new update, because if we don't do it, finding bugs and tweaking  content will take a lot more time. 

I have found some things that have to be fixed, tweaked or explained:

1.Why eclipse is gone? That was a good game mode, and there were players that have played it.

2.If we build a wall or tree on rabbit, it can't move and be hunted.

3.Leaves are sometimes floating in air after chopping a planted tree.

4.Number of flags on walls is CRAZY - 3 per one wall. It should be only one flag.

5.Archers sometimes can't shoot rabbits from walls.

6.Catapult not does any damage to minions.

7.Empty wood storages break after few minutes.

8.Sometimes the 'Build Frames' don't appear, but we lose wood.

9.Hunter minions that guard the meadow after using "stay" ability on should jump on nearby walls.

10.After upgrading on "stay" the ability icon sometimes don't appear or appear after many minutes.

11.Rabbits can go through builded walls.

12.Minions after using "stay" ability on them cant go through gates.

13.In some territories on map, called by me "Glitch Zones", minions don't react on totem's moves.

14.I can shoot from catapults that belongs to another teams.

15.We should got money, resources or experience for destroing buildings.

16.There is no way to destroy my own buildings.

17.There is no way to stop playing apart from dying.

18.When bow minions are in small castle, they can't pick up resources or even sit by the campfire.

19.Sometimes this happen to catapult:

And this is silly. Disco catapult :D.

20.Catapult can't destroy other catapults.

21.Building/planting options are overlaping with upgrades.

ENOUGH. Your turn.



I forget about two things:

22.Why there is no ogres or barbarians in the Castle Mode?

23.Why there are no shops in the Castle Mode?

You can damage catapults with a catapults...but it's true, I've never destroyed one. #13 about the "glitch zones" is a pretty big bug. And #17 and #16 aren't really problems.

Other than the bugs, which will be a part of every update, this update and new gamemode is really looking good. The walls and forts are pretty balanced: it's not impossible to destroy a large castle if you've got a couple of groups of minions and catapults.

1. Wood is too scarce. It's too hard to build complete wall.

2. No benefit in destroying wall. Should give some exp and resource

3. Too much faction/color. 3 is great

4. game pace is too slow

Maybe get xp for building?