Mercenaries Support

anotherwanderer 3 years ago updated by merc23 3 years ago 3

I think somebody else might have mentioned something like this already, but why not hire mercenaries. They will come fully armored, but you have to keep paying them 1 gold every 5 seconds or something. So when you run out of money, they go away.

Maybe to help with this we can get a skill that will double the rate of mining gold?

1 gold per 5 secs will be too expensive. If I have 40 gold, with 2 mercenaries is will lose all in... 40 seconds! Better idea is to pay 10 gold for one mercenary, but only once.  The skill idea is nice, but we can just buy the gold for wood. If we have lumberjack with saw upgrade, we can obtain many gold without equipping a hammer to any minion.

I guess it depends on the merc stats then. A fully armored knight costs anywhere from 9-13 gold, but if mercs are only 10 gold then they would be cheaper to get and no one would get knights then. The gold over time might work too, but I agree 1 gold / 5 secs does sound expensive maybe we change it to 1 gold / minute?

What about different mercenary tribes that have different skills and costs. You could hire mercenaries from any tribe but once you do you could only hire from that tribe and unhired members of that specific tribe wouldn't attack you anymore.