Totem Stalkers Troll

Deep Toot 4 years ago updated by Mauricio Nero 1 year ago 4

Issue: There are users who have a way of hiding their tribesmen and using their totem to distract your tribesmen. All the user does its stalk your tribe. . . which in results stops them from working/gathering. Sooner or later you will run out of supplies and your tribesmen wont gather any due to the totem alerting them every 1sec. I tried to run away, to no vail. This character movements reassembles a bot, but im not sure how they always find me. This make the game annoying and impossible to play by design. Please look into this issue. 

Solutions: 1. Highlight tribesmen who are left without their totem. 

2. If a totem is without a tribesmen in its vicinity after a allotted time, destroy the totem.

3. Disable the totem alerts tribesmen feature.

Thank you

they just use the flag skill and they find you by looking at the minimap XD


The stay tool can't be used on all your minions.


Oh ye i've met them too. It's just impossible to play


That is REALLY annoying! It ruins the fun of the game... I gave up playing castle mode