Totem Stalkers Troll

Deep Toot 2 years ago updated by kanguror 2 years ago 1

Issue: There are users who have a way of hiding their tribesmen and using their totem to distract your tribesmen. All the user does its stalk your tribe. . . which in results stops them from working/gathering. Sooner or later you will run out of supplies and your tribesmen wont gather any due to the totem alerting them every 1sec. I tried to run away, to no vail. This character movements reassembles a bot, but im not sure how they always find me. This make the game annoying and impossible to play by design. Please look into this issue. 

Solutions: 1. Highlight tribesmen who are left without their totem. 

2. If a totem is without a tribesmen in its vicinity after a allotted time, destroy the totem.

3. Disable the totem alerts tribesmen feature.

Thank you


they just use the flag skill and they find you by looking at the minimap XD