Bug Megathread

thebadman 5 years ago updated by Cory Fischer 4 years ago 7

I think it will be easier for Rezoner to fix bugs if they are gathered from multiple places to one, so Ill try to gather and update them here. Here we go:



- "Fake resources" that cannot be gathered - trees, rocks and mushrooms.

- Sometimes gathering mushroom will leave its shadow on the ground, might be how fake mushrooms are created for other players.

- Because killed tribesmen need to be looted in zone where both tribes crossed their tribe center, they can be very, very hard to loot without knowledgle where battle took place which may appear as another fake resource.

- You can equip unarmed tribesman with shield then bow to create tank archer.

- Sometimes rabbits can have more than 2 health or arrow hits do not register.

- Level is determined by player score preventing players going above 90 cap most of the time, it should be determined by separately tracked xp stat.

- Sometimes falling tree down will not despawn leaves, might be how fake trees are created for other players.

Might be Bugs:

- Players that share same skin are marked orange on minimap in FFA.

- Your tribesmen will cry when looting enemies that share same skin.


Those are some common bugs that most of us face atleast once or twice in a day...

A bug (Could be intended) about the tank archers is something I really never knew.

The bug about how rabbits have more than 2 hp, or if arrow hits don’t register is probably because Archers can occasionally miss their arrow shots (Not a bug| Correct me if I am wrong)

Fake resources are probably visual glitches (Most likely), or the action is not registered through the game.

The (Most likely) bug of how tribes that share the same faction will be marked orange on the minimap is probably because it represents the status of the same faction (e.g Atlantians and  Atlantians). 

Also, the bug for how tribe members cry when looting enemies also share the same concept as the same faction bug. Tribe members cry when a member from their faction dies, so they loot their corpses and mourne for their fallen friend.

By not registered hits or +2 hp rabbits I mean when they get hit by arrow and there is blood, hit sound and knockback they but still need to take two or more hits to die; Fake mushrooms will prevent new mushrooms growth form clouds if there are enough of them, so in that case its more than visual.

Also megathread won't work as apparently OP can't update their thread on userecho, let alone sticking it. :P

2 more bugs I forgot:

- Sometimes HP bonus from headgear does not apply to barbarians and they wear it as cosmetic, it will cause 2xp barbarians to give 1xp too.

- Gold looted from tribesmen have stone sprite. 

lol so thats what caused the crying XD

These rabbits are plague.

One time I spent three minutes for killing one and got only one food... 'crying'

This is a great post, keep it up!

Bugs I've noticed:
-Added the food multiplier for killing rabbits and it never returned more than one food (happened twice)

-frozen rabbits (already stated in other threads)

-Brown boxes / treasure chests don't always release treasure