What I would do...

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Rezoner, I love this game. Once it becomes a multiple player game, I think it will be a hit. But, here are a few things I would fix. 

First of all, mushrooms are not that useful and need a buff. I would give mushrooms a greater possibility to be good and if they are bad, they slowly kill. If you find another item, it will get rid of the poisonous effect. These would be rare to find

Second of all, instead of choosing what weapon you want to add or what helps you later on in the game, I would make people earn this while in game through levels. Each time you cut a tree or each time you kill a rabbit, it would give you xp. After sometime, the xp will level you up. Each time you spawn, it starts you at level 1. Your stats will be saved.



I disagree about mushrooms they were OP before I gave Rezo PTSD so hard that he added lvl and pop cap.

They are still powerful and viable even in military builds.

I made a mushroom guide already in http://wanderers.userecho.com/forums/1-general/topics/2-beta-basic-ish-guides-and-tips/

Also, mushrooms are "op" once you get mycology, which makes all mushrooms edible. Edible mushrooms can provide food, which is useful all the time. To unlock mycology, unlock the scythe first. Once you level up again, you are able to learn it.

Do poisonous mushrooms stay till eaten? I wonder if good player could just pick only edible ones forever or spawns are random and at some point someone would have to grab them all for more to spawn?

Poisonous mushrooms will always stay, correct me if I am wrong (In terms of type). At some point, there would be poisonous mushrooms everywhere on the map, HOWEVER, people should be able to unlock mycology, which makes all mushrooms edible.



lol isn't the game already in multiplayer? ._.

True. It is multiplayer.

BAHAHAHAH, that's after the first 20 mins I played.