To keep people playing

Brai 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 6

Well what about this, keeping the model of wilds on you can ad diferent tribesto be unlocked after getting a certain amount of points

Tribes idea:

Elf tribe

-better archers (probably double shoot)

-less health

-hood + elf ears at the start (basically you start with same halth as everyone alse but with hood to have 3 hp) 

-every new unit starts with hood

-color green?

Demon tribe

-starts with horns 4 hp but can only have new horns for a max of 5 hp

-get double the amount of meat from the start with animals and people

Thats it for now, i hope you like the idea also

I dont know how many points for unlocking them would be fair

whats the point of having less hp if you start with a hood ._.

You need pros and counters basically the same counter that demons, you start with a hood, wich makes you have 3 hp instead of 2 sop even if you equip the  best hat you still 1 hp down

maybe you could only buy those tribes in like a shops like wilds.io

This definitely fits with the whole "recruiting thing", and would work well as another upgrade/option for players to consider. Rez already has elves and swamplings so it would be great to add these in game. +1

well i didnt consider it a "recruit" thing, more like a full on tribe from 0 but yeah recruiting or contrating a mercenary type unit for some gold sounds good too