Switch to Steam Plattform because of Hackers

p hunter 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 3

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Suprisingly, his game really beacme one of my favorite games recently. The only thing that made this game unplayable at times, was the constant server resets and bugs as soon as hackers joined the game. This is such a shame becuase this game really has a lot of potential to be nothing short of amazing.

What do you think about shitching plattforms to steam and making people pay a couple dollars to purchase it or make some cool skins for the game and get some money with cosmetics? 

This could bring the following benifits:

  • No more easy accesable hacks
  • You could make a little money
  • players dont lose their progress when the server randomly crashes
  • Maybe even a story mode/ Arcade mode where you compete against another clan Age of Empires Style?
  • Bigger Map because the processing power doesnt have to be only carried out on the server.

I would defenitly pay something like 1-5$ for this game if the hackes were gone


Heck, you could put it on for free! Or just make it require emails/limit it to a couple accounts per IP, since I doubt people would go through the effort to do that? Especially if it had to be gmail or smthn?

Yesssss that's right! Even for free would work out!