mycology powerup

folksteriouz 2 years ago updated by Vepadaxide 2 years ago 3

mycology powerup sometimes doesnt work, which gets pretty annoying.

Es cierto y te envenenas y no solo es eso, a veces falla todo y no te cuenta que te la pusiste. Estaria suave que el programa esté verificando lo que eliges para que no pase eso o otra cosa para que vaya verificando todo el mapa incluidos los muros para que no los traspasen.

It's true and you poison yourself and it's not just that, sometimes everything fails and what you choose doesn't respect you. It would be good if the program is verifying what you choose so that this or something else does not happen that serves to verify everything and also checks the walls so that they do not go through them.

these bugs happened to me too like a few times

yes it preety dissapointing to loose a lot of loot