Balance thoughts

Lizard 6 years ago updated by Grant Mitchell 6 years ago 1

I like the game so far. My thoughts are that it might be nice if there were other "paths" to make your tribe more diverse. Right now there is definitely a single strategy that results in just owning the map (unless you are outnumbered) which is just maxing shields and helmets.

I've tried to create a full archer clan, but they just get totally squashed by the aforementioned.

It might be nice to have some variants, or "skill trees" that result in some kind of rock/paper/scissor effect with the tribes. This might force you to require more teamwork.

If your good you can have a bit of diversity in your units (not so much in your tech). Like, I wasn't able to have a full archer clan, but I had a 5 archers with 1 sythe. Sucks in a 1v1 battle but I tried to play kind of a support role (if I was doing that with swords, if wouldn't really work because single units only want to battle in 1v1's in less they are archer or dagger).