Something about Classes..

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Wand : Mage
Useful for attacking and healing
Warhammer : Bereserker
Useful For attacking and Destroying building Faster
Duo-gger : Assisian
Can Stab Enemeys when they Are at 3 Health or lower

That's first...

What about classes have talents?

Miner : Have a chance of gaining wood and gold from mining
Knight : have %21 to do a Special attack dealing 3x normal damage
Rogue : When attack give you 1 gold
Hunter : When attacking without stopping Hunter gets %10 damage + the normal damage
Farmer : Gets food from mushroom and Trees
WoodCutter : When Breaking Trees.. gives extra damage to WoodCutter

Assisian : Gets more gold when Stabbing a Enemey
Mage : Gives an Health buff to all alies in a Raduis
Bereserker : gives Extra Damage to Allies

Not going to happen. Forum is more or less inactive. I have seen no moderation here. Author is currently more or less active on wilds.io // wanderers.io has problems, no one deals with. I guess no feature upgrade, like never.