Who is the golden player and why cant i gather when theyre near>>

t24129 1 year ago updated by Oiskadi 1 year ago 3

I'm playing castle mode, then this yellow player appears with no minions, and  if he stands near me, one of my minions gets an exclaimation point above his head, then my minions bug out - they run around, pausing, and not gathering resources, sitting down to heal at fires, not doing any action besides fighting and stone gathering for some reason.

This is very frustrating, as it seems that the players are trolls or spectators who dont know that they are a detriment to the player if they get close.

Im not sure if it is a deliberate part of the game, but it is extremely frustrating. 

anyone know what it is?

It is most likely a bot/hack someone programmed to mess with the game. The problem is an issue for almost a year, if you scroll through the forum. Happened to me too; I saw this phenomenon about two weeks ago the first time. Best thing is, if that thing is following your tribe, to restart with a new tribe, since I guess the problem won't get solved from official side (regarding the answers in that forum). Somebody with twitter should writer Rezoner (author of the game) directly - I guess he is not around here in the forum => https://twitter.com/rezoner

well, i think its a bugged player who left the game. and his tribe is going automatically like when you leave. this yellow/golden man must be deleted.

Maybe, but as long as this is not directly addressed to the author of the game, nothing will change.

At least not this week or this month.