Anti-cheating Measures / Multiple tabs

HeWhoIsCalledLes 2 weeks ago • updated 2 weeks ago 0

I've encountered a good few instances of people playing with multiple teams. Using one team for resources and the other as a fighting force. I assumed that they're using multiple tabs, so I tried it and you can have multiple tribes of your own on the go at any one time.

One guy I saw levelled up his tribe a bit and then constantly sent new enemy tribes at his getting them to drop resources so he can gather them and level up quicker.

The most common thing I've seen is people levelling up, getting more tribes and getting each tribe to follow a different tech tree (farming, entire tribe of archers, fighters etc) and then "sitting" on meadows, making the game way less dynamic.

You can tell that they're the same person as they can never move together at the same time, nor can they chat at the same time.

Is there any way you can only allow one tribe per IP / per instance of Wanderers? I guess people can still get around this with proxies but it would certainly make it harder for most. Maybe some kind of browser message posting? I'd be willing to submit a pull request if need be (I'm a FE dev).