Annoying Glitch

Redwall 2 weeks ago 0

This is my second Game of Wanderers, my playertag is RedWall, i think the god totem (Tribe809428) is a bot

eitherway, the bot keeps on moving their totem on and off of my own, i have tried to run but becuase my tribe is very large its easy to spot me on the map, whenever the totem is on my screen, my minions cannot heal, collect any type of resource, or chop trees, mine rock, cut grass, or kill rabbits.

and ive already tried to reduce the size of my clan, but even at one minion the totem still follows me around.

also id like to suggest two changes

1: No names like (tribe809428) all tribes should have an autogenerated name like (sam's tribe) if no name is put in the name feild

2: if you hover over a tribe on the minimap you should be able to see the tribe name, this would effectively make higher level tribes easier to find.