Glitch ruining game

jjmailzing 2 years ago updated by umo 2 years ago 1

First I want to say this is a fantastic game. I play it often to de-stress. But now there is a glitch where a player shows up without any minions and when this player lands near you, your minions think they are supposed to fight (even though there's no one there). This stops you from collecting any more resources. One player (Red player with tag Tribe1739398) has taken to following the players from other teams around, effectively stopping them from playing the game. Really messed up. Please fix this glitch to stop people from doing this.

This griefer seems to be dragging around an invisible army with his totem.  While your totem remains unmoved, your tribe reacts to his (invisible) troops and stops whatever they're doing.  You can unfreeze things by moving your totem but as soon as you set it down again you're locked back in place.