Private Server

momiro pan 2 years ago updated by Xman0613 9 months ago 1

It would be nice if we could host our own private servers. This way you would be able to give friends the IP and let only them join, you could host 2v2 4v4, 1v1v1v1, whatever because everyone on the server would have to go through the server owner to get in the game.

You would also see people running public servers, and people running their own private server so they can idle their game.

Currently I seem to get connection issues which cause me to lose all my progress, I get the "Server is dead!" message, and when I reconnect everyone still has all their stuff built with fully upgraded units. If there were a way to rejoin the server, or sign up with a username, like wilds, that would be nice, after a certain period of inactivity their tribe could be deleted. This would at least mitigate frustration from mere connection issues.

If you added a server browser with an option on the server host to show or hide their presence on the browser you could let other hosts run games and maybe even save some bandwidth.